Post von Afra

Post von Afra
Blessagno/Norditalien, 8. April 2008

Afra in ihrem Rudel

Hier aktuelle Bilder von Afra aus unserem A-Wurf und Grüße von ihrem Besitzer aus Italien.


Ciao Mamma Bloxi, ciao Claudia.
Here all goes very well.
I’m becoming great. I am healthy and happy.
I like to play with my little ball (in the picture with me) and my frisbee.
I like to live and to play with Sheva (she is the chief), Kida, Amie and Cora too.
Roberto and Patrizia are very happy about me.
I have a special relationship with Federica, and perhaps I’ll go with Federica to next show.

A big big big kiss to you
Your Afra

A big big big kiss from Roberto, Patrizia and all the family too.

( MITI )